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Katrica Dargan


Full Name: Katrica Dargan.

Aliases/Nicknames: 'Kat' | 'Blitzkrieg' in some RP.

Age/Date of Birth: Twenty-one. June 8th.

Sex: Female.

Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity: Asexual. Bisexual. Identifies mainly as neither gender.

Race/Ethnicity: Human / lycanthrope (werewolf). White British | Gaian (Gaia online). Other in whatever role play.

Height: 5'7" / 1.7m.

Build: Athletic, gentle yet visible muscle.

Eyes: Vivid yellow, inhuman. Played off as contact lenses.

Clothes Style: Tends to wear worn leathers. Blacks and grays. Scruffy, well worn clothes. Spikes and studs. Straps and belts.

Tattoos, Piercings, Marks, Scars, etc.: Gang tattoo on the back to the left shoulder-blade. Prison styled serial number on inner left arm running vertically down, side on. Inner bottom lip spells 'Munted'. Pentagram behind left ear. Vicious wolf head, jaws snapping, on upper right arm. 'Hellsing verse' and pentagram between bellybutton and crotch. Deceased friend's face, smeared with paint and baring his teeth, on the left thigh, spiraling a graveyard around to the back with the quote under it "I'm going home in a fucking ambulance". The number 13 tattooed on right hand between finger and thumb. 4 8 15 16 23 42 are tattooed across the inner left wrist.

Religion: No religious values, though chose to study the Satanic Bible as by Anthony LaVey as a course in High School and takes rules from there.

Political Affiliation: Hates all political parties, people, ideas and so forth.

Education: Basic High School education. | Science degree in some role play.

Weapons (if any): Carries a knife in most instances. If not, then she carries whatever found along her path, such as a shard of glass.

Special Abilities/Skills: Bares the werewolf / lycanthrope curse. Naturally inhabits greater senses, strength, agility and speed passively from the curse. Turns under the full moon into a blood seeking half-wolf monster, losing her mind. | Some role play dictates she can turn at will.

Activities/Organizations: Previous gang member. | G CORP in Gaia Online role play.

Hobbies: Drawing / graffiti.

Serious Problems/Flaws/Addictions/Disorders/Disabilities: Serious anger issues at times. Suffers mild OCD. Shizophrenic. Paranoid. Is a smoker, drinker, and light drugs user. Allergic to silver rather viciously.

Family: Mother, Julie (MIA). Father, Tony. Brother, Thomas. Rarely sees them.


Grew up in an uncared for house hold with her father and brother, mother having cheated on her (now ex) husband and ran away - the last argument between mother and father ended up with the father pushing his wife whom hit her head on the cooker. She went upstairs, took their valuables and left, Kat aged nine. Father was abusive verbally and mentally, only rarely physically, and a common cannabis smoker and heavy drinker. Brother, eight years older, was a light drugs dealer. The house was in a state of darkness and highly uncared for - dirty, curtains always closed, litter everywhere, upstairs bathroom used to grow cannabis. Katrica was never bought any nice clothes and never got anything nice, all her clothes from charity shops or handmedowns from her brother and this got her mocked in school, especially as her clothes were always too big and scruffy, wearing many layers.

She was rather introverted, always keeping to herself, huddled up, writing and drawing. Age four, her close cousin suddenly died, Kat developing a form of PTSD. She refused to leave the house and would be terrified when outside. It took help from her mother, half a year and some therapy to get over it. During the time just before therapy yet under PTSD, she subconsciously created an 'older sister' in her head which she fantasized existed. In primary school a boy bullied her because he had a crush her and one day Kat snapped, pinning him to the floor and beating him to a bloody pulp - aged seven. Age nine, just before her mother left, her only grandparent died. She promised herself and her imaginary sister that she would commit suicide when they hit age sixteen. Her Uncle became ill, Kat aged 10, and inside her head she was suffering, becoming anxious at random, even depressed, beginning to self harm from as young as eleven.

When she was eleven, after years of being bullied for wearing 'shit', she snapped and stole some clothes from a shop, rather nice dark ones in a punkish style. After several days of wearing them she found herself being brought into the group of rough kids, who begun smoking, drinking, taking drugs from as young as eleven. She would not go home and instead go out with her friends, staying out until the early hours of the morning as far as staying out a whole twenty-four hours, lacking sleep. Luckily she had a natural understanding of science and did well in that class, paying attention for only that lesson, but skipped every other class to go smoke or drink. During science lessons her friends would mock her and she simply retaliated with snappy remarks and pencil stabbings, and sometimes by landing a brutal punch - this landed her in detention a lot and a few suspentions, breaking her friends nose once. She also worked hard in technology classes in woodwork and metal work, another enjoyed subject.

When her uncle died, Kat aged 12, she only got worse, becoming anger filled and manic. When her uncle did finally die, her dad became depressive and eventually fell ill due to drinking heavier. Her dad had been spoken to by social workers, Kat aged 12, saying she had to see a professional. A couple of months before she left school, age 13, a teacher begun to pick on her, pinning her to the wall and screaming at her. Katrica stormed off and vowed to never go to school again, though was coaxed into going a few times. She was forced to see a psychiatrist who, several months later, stated she wasn't fit for school, letting her leave at the age of 13. The psychiatrist also referred her to a counsellor. After leaving school, she came across the bully teacher in a local bus station, talking to the woman and eventually punching her. Katrica had to go to a detention center for a few months.

She left home aged fifteen after a massive row with her father and brother who both hurled abuse verbally and physically because of such a harsh disagreement - her father stated Kat had to stay home all day every day to look after him while her brother made money in drugs, but Kat disagreed, blaming her father for his own illness. Her brother got involved and sided with her father, the argument esculating enough that the police were call over. Kat stormed off before the police arrived to ensure no action was taken. She moved in with her boyfriend and would go back home only once or twice a week as she was threatened to stay over at least one night in the week 'or else', said her brother and father. She hated the staying over nights and they were simply hours of screaming and arguments, Kat only getting a few hours sleep in her bedroom which had been converted into a junk room, rendering her without a bed.

Her boyfriend and herself created a 'gang' with their friends, calling themselves the 'Death Doctors'. The gang wasn't large nor controlling any area, simply being known as horrible, drug taking and alcohol abusing youthes that hung around the park - nobody would go near them when they were around. This aided Kat to feel like she fit in and would do anything her friends told her to do. She wasn't bullied or peer pressured, exactly, but felt she relly wanted to do everything they said from stealing from a shop to pissing on a grave. One of the gang members was caught up in a drive by shooting and inevitably died the next morning. Katrica got a tattoo in memory of him and the gang begun to grow even more hostile. They stole from shops, sometimes in front of the shop owners, and generally were aggressive and nasty.

Aged sixteen she was bitten by a werewolf, her first turning in front of her boyfriend. She didn't believe in what bit her, thinking it a dog. She managed to survive the attack as, as she was bitten, she got her knife out and slammed it into the wolf's skull, buying her time to run. She tended to the wound and tried her best to ignore it, calling it a dog bite. When it healed in only two days, she begun to cut herself, counting the time it took every cut to heal, suffering panic attacks at how strange things had gotten. She hadn't self harmed for a year but begun again due to this. Seeing her counsellor she reported the bite and even joked about being a werewolf, but it was dismissed as a 'silly fantasy'. She was bitten in a local woods while walking from her boyfriend's house to her own and so she avoided going near her boyfriend's house at all for two weeks. Her manic state, depression and extreme panic attacks had her locked in her room at home, door barred shut, where she spent most of her awake time - around twenty hours a day - sat in a corner crying and screaming and rocking back and forth, feeling like she was on a permanent, horrific drug trip that lasted the two weeks. She later cancelled every future appointment of seeing her counsellor after that one time after the bite, seeing the counsellor the day after she was bitten before the curse truely took a hold of her. Feeling the odd side effects of werewolfism, she begun taking drugs during her second week of panic. At first she tried valium, but moved on to heroin as valium hardly had any effect. She was used to trying drugs and knew something was amiss when they didn't act correct on her. A week before her transformtion, having come out of the two weeks of panic, she moved back to her boyfriend's.

On the first transformation, at her boyfriend's house, her boyfriend managed to luckily bar her in his bedroom before she jumped out the window, seeing a stray dog which she chased out of the town. The night was filled with hunting animals she came across in the fields outside of town, the dog having run far enough she didn't find civilisation while transformed. She woke up the next morning in a field and had to coax a passerby to lend her a blanket from their car.

She became homeless the night of her transformation due to the obvious of her not being able to see her boyfriend again, living off what she could steal and beg for. Generally she would break into locked up, unused buildings and general abandoned places, most commonly warehouses which were sometimes in use but so large she was undiscovered sleeping on high up, untouched reaches. For her transformations after the first one she drugged herself, leaving deadly amounts of tranquilisers in meat, but after that she settled for making a stronghold in an abandoned bomb shelter just outside of town in the woods. She stole from a warehouse, taking DIY tools, selling more items, paying an out of town contractor to reinforce the shelter and add a harness system. With this she also joined an out of hours, show up when you want woodwork and metal work course, learning to aid herself in being locked up. After two transformations the system broke and she came to realise that the werewolf curse had her beastly side as a far more powerful creature than she had ever imagined, and her horrific panic attacks started again.

Four months after her first transformation and becoming more and more paranoid on her transformations and the wolf inside, she one day overdosed while having an extreme panic attack and woke up in a mental hospital. On day two she punched the woman tending to her and ran for the exit, but diverted after tricking the staff to think she was going for that exit, only to run for the fire exit. Locked, she was trapped. As the staff approached her she played victim, only to push them down the stairs, stamping on one man's chest and kicking his head. Running for a second exit she was caught and drugged and forced into a straight jacket for two days as she threatened everybody with death and spoke of her werewolf side. Her stay lasted three weeks. Three days before the transformation she took a night guard, a young, abusive guy, hostage by the throat, using the wolfen strength. She managed to escape, if barely, by forcing him to let her free. Before running into freedom she clawed open his face.

Occasionally going home she would steal from her father or brother, and sometimes would do the odd job for her brother, such as dealing drugs and collecting money when she was desparate, or her brother really needed the favor. Several times she got into physical fights with her brother and several times ended up with gashes or broken or fractured bones. The werewolfism healed her quick with luck. She crossed her now ex-boyfriend several months after her first transformation - two months after being in the mental ward, the pair crossing in the early hours of the morning. He carried a gun everywhere and, upon seeing his werewolf ex, shot her point blank before running off. Katrica recovered after crawling into an alleyway to lay down under a pile of boxes, awaiting her werewolfism to save her. Having passed out for six hours, she awoke to find a large black wolf-dog at her side whom, after that, followed her everywhere as her guardian, only vanishing when the full moon was in the sky. During this time she was barely managing with her mental state.

Ever since being bitten by a werewolf she did research on the curse and tried out various things. She came across the legend that taking skin from a hanged convict would give her control. Aged 18 she barely managed to befriend a convict recently released from jail, specifically a paedophilic rapist, and after a year's 'friendship' she convinced the man to hang himself, taking skin from his neck. It haunted her for the majority of her age of 18 but eventually, after convincing herself all this time it was what the man deserved, she barely managed to get over it.

She spent two days in a manic state after watching the man die, unable to breathe, panicking and hearing extreme voices in her head. Her imaginary sister came back into her mind, Kat's schizophrenia building and forming as she begun to dissociate and lose her head. She begun to go onto autopilot, body controlled by her sister most of the time. It took two months for her to get over the odd state and continue her life. One day she just woke up after the second transformation since the man died and the manic state was gone. Rents a flat.

From then on she continued living, stealing, drinking, doing drugs, hanging around her friends most days, living in the scummy one room place she called home. She would often argue with the landlord who threw her out almost twice a month, only to be convinced to let her back in by favours she did, including stealing and physical attacks, days after being thrown out. The last time she was thrown out she up and left that part of her life, moving to the other side of Box Wood, now aged 19.

At the current time, aged 21, she still dwindles between homelessness and living in the tiny one room crappy place she calls home in the new area of Box Wood. She refuses to ever go back home to her brother and father unless to sneak in and steal something, which she does often, including stealing her father's signet ring, drugs, bits of money and so forth. She takes her transformations in the wilderness. She has a strange fascination, almost obsession, with blood and gore.

Age twenty she begun retracing her steps from the night of her transformations, finding the dead animals. She started skinning them, beheading them and mounting the head, stuffing them, or inspecting their innards. Her fantasies include killing people and indulging in gore themes. Age twenty still she became rather asexual, despising the idea of sex almost, rarely thinking of it as a good thing. Her mental state still has her paranoid, sometimes anxious. She hardly sleeps but is coping with only four hours a night from around 6am-10am. She drinks several times a week and takes drugs whenever she can, around once or twice a week. She oftenly hears voices, to which she argues with rather than being scared of. She seems to argue with her imaginary sister who appears when she feels very low, around once a month. She self harms once every few months.