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Lady Kaienna Imperiosa


Lady Kaienna Imperiosa stands proud at 5'8" and walks with dominance, her shoulders back square and chin up with a bitter noble expression set upon her face where a devious smirk sometimes lingers; she walks as though she owns the world, truly vain. Her body is curvy around the just above average bust and child bearing hips, her overall body firmly toned and slim overall to give off that healthy and alive impression. The voice is heard as firm and assertive in tone, a hint of taunt to some occasions, and of course has its noble posh taint.

Kaienna's features are rather common, nothing that one would really take note of other than the high cheek bones under the porcelain pale skin. Quite clearly she takes pride in her appearance. The eyes are black, though not dark enough to merge with the pupil and have been noted in the past: 'Black as night without mercy: no normal gaze should be like that' - A Stormwindian Paladin. Above those are neatly plucked eyebrows.

The silken black hair is cut and styled with care and utter precision, shining gloriously with health and is commonly tied back in a loose thong of leather, no strands straying. Usually her nails are painted a ruby colour or even purple, unchipped and pristine, and her make-up consists of bold dark eyeliner and mascara, and dark purple-red eyeshadow that is kept in tip top condition. As for her lips they are painted a plum-red, deep and with a shine, a sign of high quality lip paint that never once blemishes from contact.

er choices of clothing are generally expensive in manner. Each item is top quality silk and cloth weaved without a single thread loose nor a single blemish upon the design. The cloth type is that of the Outlands, weaved by the Draenei, and holds magical properties to repel fire from damaging it - perfect for her fire casting abilities. Her gloves are also tailored from the silks.

The House of Imperiosa dates back as far as any human cares to believe, the dominant family forever having a firm foothold within society, albeit their mindset being rather different to most civilians; they would prefer to revel in personal pleasures rather than hand over a single copper to save a dying man's life. This selfishness, dominance and even prominent nature had them loved just as much as they were hated.

The Imperiosa mansion opened its doors once a month or two to the closer public of nobles and higher-ups, invitation only parties carrying into the early morning that many people would have loved to attend if they so could. That, however, was impossible if one did not have an invite. Sensational food and luxurious wine they were known for, amongst other things, their land on the edge of the estate giving delicacies freshly picked that day, as well as the cattle freshly slaughtered.

The Imperiosa family was rather known in Lordaeron, back in the day. This, though, changed, few years before the corrupt Prince dealt his hand in evil and took Lordaeron to the grave. Word got out that the Imperiosa family were in fact dabblers of the dark arts, having a hand in demonology, fel casting and other dangerous, potent magics that could corrupt any mortal if they did not learn to control it over the years. The family, since day one, was always seen in a different light to every other noble, higher up, commoner, peasant; they were just naturally seen to stand out, highly provocative in a sense, with that dominance and a firm voice not many could pull off. Lots of people would think there was something unusual about them, but nobody had any clue as to what it was, so people just assumed it was their wild, unique, heavily hedonistic and strong nature that set them aside from everybody else. Nobody suspected they were Warlocks and witches, trained from early years.

When they were discovered and proven to have their hands in the dark arts, they were instantly called out, ridiculed and obviously feared. Their illegal actions quickly ensured the authorities approached their grand home to take out their verdict after a swift capturing. No doubt they would hang in the gallows for their dark misdeeds. With luck - to the family - they were able to quickly pack up their most valuable of assets, books on Warlockism, demonology and so forth, any and all evidence too, and leave in the dead of night, shrouded by the strange, unnatural fog that drifted in that evening. That is all that is known to the public on that matter, or at least that is assumed. When the authorities and amassing rioting public approached the Imperiosa estate, it was empty of all people, slaves and servants included, leaving only their furniture and bits and bobs of belongings behind. Clearly, everything valuable had gone, and this left no shred of proof that they had ever done anything wrong. Various things were burnt, too, things that could also lead to evidence. It was like the mansion had been abandoned long ago. The ship the family owned was also gone from the harbor.

What happened to the family after that is unknown, and truly they were quickly forgotten by the public. Nobody cared to remember the stain left in Lordaeron's kingdom - nobody wanted to admit they had been blind and let ties to demons have its safe place in their homes. The mansion was quickly demolished and the lands rebuilt on. The family had never existed, according to many. Various others, though, kept their name alive in memory for the purpose of the future - if the Imperiosa's appeared again, they would step in to make sure nothing of their practices came about once more. There were not evil, but to the outsiders, they had done more than enough.

Lady Kaienna Imperiosa arrived at Stormwind in a carriage, entering through the main gates and travelling throughout the city while escorted by a trio of guards, to her old home within the Mage district. She spoke of arriving from further north and stated that she was to spend time within Stormwind, around its nobility, for an unspecified amount of time. Her arrival was nearly on time with the Scourge invasion of Loraedon; just before it.

Up to this day Lady Kaienna is still known within Stormwind, once appearing in the High Court as a judge upon the jury, yet stepped down from the position for an unspecified reason. She was seen to socialize with her mother, Francesca, and her brother, Azrian, both of whom moved to Stormwind in the recent couple of years. Yet as of now both have vanished. Her younger sister, Inariae, was noted as dying in a horrific massacre by one of Kaienna's brutal connections; 'I keep my family close, and enemies closer.'

By her subordinates, word goes that the Lady is a rather cruel, selfish woman with unorthodox methods, ways and enjoyments, where others will turn around and say she is one of the most pleasurable people to be around. That being said, it is always the acquaintances of her rather glorious, invitation only Imperiosa house parties that states she is a nice person to be around. Her unsavory manner and acts at a time are far from hidden at some moments. So, it goes without saying, that the woman cares more for her own fun than keeping up her noble appearance on most occasions. That isn't to say, though, that the public sees it often, forcing her actions to be of proper mannerisms to keep up the much needed 'professional' face. But she will speak her mind and follow her desires no matter who of importance or not witnesses it.

As for her riches, people say she gains her wealth from land ownership to which food and other necessities, such as cloth and wood, is farmed and either sold or made into the semi-famous and loved food, drink and basic and enchanted silks frequently sold on various markets of both factions. There is that, and her many investments into people's businesses, injecting a cash sum to their ideas and helping the business flourish, taking a decent percentage of sales. Only rumor says she once ran a harem. Should someone glimpse an advertisement to a chosen business, they may see the Imperiosa House insignia printed upon it, telling they are funded by Lady Kaienna.


"I care not to waste my hard earned coin on the less fortunate and other lowly people in need of a copper. I have worked for every coin I earn, whether directly or not, and it is mine to keep or spend. My money only goes on necessities and pleasures, as well as businesses in need or blossoming businesses wanting a boost, both of which I am sure will return profit to my pocket; I would not waste the risk on an urchin selling shoelaces in return for promises the money will be used to increase the flow of coin. That would be a copper wasted, a copper I could have used towards purchasing a new pair of lace stockings."

Lady Kaienna, away from the 'public face and appearences of strict professionalism', lives her life in a purely hedonistic manner; her life is for herself, for what she wants and desires, for her to enjoy to the fullest. To the public eye, her professional side is of the common noble, and this is an appearence she keeps up for the needed sake of that's what the public needs to see. Yet, away from those few hours a day she may need to set aside to her nobility for whatever reason, she ensures to live her life to the max. Every fortnight, at least, the Imperiosa mansion is opened to the public for the notorious parties and gatherings, whatever they may entail. It is common knowledge she may be a little unorthodox and common knowledge by far she has her own highly unprofessional side when it comes to personal pleasure. Lots of people know her behind the face for her strange tastes and for being a purely hedonistic woman, whatever that may entail. But there is still a sense of resect held, at least in public, to keep up that appearence that she is just a professional, bitter noble. The family of Imperiosa is known for the same things, and Kaienna does not fail to disappoint and host great house parties that can last days.