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Shayan Draven.

Age 25.
Team Rocket Officer, Special Operations.

'Shay' as she's known as is a good height of 5'11" (1.8m). Her body is in great shape, kept tip top by daily training to ensure she excells at the physical jobs she is tasked with, skin naturally very pale as she hails from the bowels of Gringey city.

"A Pokemon is only as strong as its trainer."

The black hair is cut short at jaw length and even shorter at the back, giving it an almost 'spiked' appearance, the hairs just above the pierced neck jutting out. Her green eyes are vivid, 'sharp', always either darting around to watch everyone and everything around her, or are focused with intesity on something specific, usually a person, Pokemon, or a book or item. With luck, a broken nose in the past hasn't set it off to ugly, but looking close can tell the tales of a bad incident. The jawline is sharp and feminine, rather common in shape.

What of notable features first comes the gruesome, large burn on her left arm. It runs across the upper side of her lower arm from just above the wrist to an inch below the elbow area, appearing anything but normal; as opposed to scar tissue, the burn looks darker than her skintone with hints of red to it, caused by some unnatural force. A simple scar runs over her lower lip on the left and one similar juts from the left nostril towards the cheekbone. Other than those, a few others are hidden across her body, such as a few around her right ankle, an old bite on her right hand and few cuts and slashes on her back and thighs.

If not in her Team Rocket uniform, she usually bares simple black clothing, nothing notable or interesting, preferring simple vest tops, jackets, gloves and pants. She always wears dogtags with her name and gang name on (Rocket or Magma).

Skills: Physically skillful. Basic engineering. Good at physics (science). Shooting. Climbing. Sky diving and gliding. Driving lisence.

As an active member of a criminal organisation, she sports various helpful things; Poisons. Gun, Knife. Scarf. Shades. Mouth cover. Gas mask. Hood. Night vision goggles. Binoculars. Grappling hook. Electrified bludgeon.


Shayan grew up in Gringey city, living with her parents, two older brothers and a younger sister at home, generally having to look after the sister while attending school. The father worked in the power plant and spent nearly all his time there, even sleeping in their accomodation and rarely going home, whereas the mother hardly cared about anything, and both disliked Pokemon, saying no kids of theris would ever become trainers - both had grown up in Gringey city and rarely saw Pokemon. Shay became inward and bitter, day dreaming about revenge and hatred, especially with the Pokemon she would one day own. She dreamed she would own all sorts of Pokemon, each one using their most powerful attack to hurt people. She wasn't homocidal, but simply angry at not having a life she wanted - she wanted to move city, become a Pokemon trainer and try to catch as many Pokemon as she could, then open a ranch and raise more. Knowing she was stuck in Gringey city for a long time without a chance at becoming a trainer, nevermind owning a ranch, she soon saw only the dark side in life. As she grew up, she soon realised her parents didn't care at all for the children and overheard the father mentioning 'mistakes'.

She finally became a trainer aged eleven. At a friend's house she frequently visited, she was treated nice and given nice things such as clothes, toys and the like when the family could spare it. She kept her nice things hidden, full well knowing her brothers and sisters would fight them off her, and she always held herself back, only ever dreaming of fighting back. Four days after her eleventh birthday, her friend's parents lent her an Ekans to go and capture her first Pokemon, which was a Grimer. She instantly up and left home now she was a trainer and could fend for herself, battling Pokemon and raising Grimer, who, Shay aged twelve, evolved into Muk. Needing a slight income she did odd jobs anywhere and for anybody, such as deliveries, Poke-sitting and so on. Enjoying running, she earned her best cash by fetching items back and forth between houses, even cities. Some of her money went on Pokeballs and she caught a few Pokemon.

Nonetheless she traveled quickly to Jhoto, aged fourteen, on her first decent paycheck, enabling her to buy a train ticket. She arrived in Jhoto and quickly 'officially', to her, started her journey. The first Pokemon she came across was a Houndour, which she barely managed to capture, which would later become her main Pokemon; sadly the Muk became ill, Shay aged sixteen. She became aware of her Pokemon's fate and traveled to Lavendir town. She let Muk pass away peacefully, building a grave in the spirit tower.

Bitter as ever, she decided to join Team Rocket now she was back in Kanto and of age. As a member of Team Rocket, she was able to forge a Pokemon license. The death of her Pokemon sent her into a bitter depression and she would do even the lowest of low jobs for the boss from thiefing Pokemon to beating people up for whatever reason, and often did jobs in the Veridian City Gym. She battled day in and day out with her current Pokemon, wanting to become as strong as possible. She didn't care for her health or state of mind as, between jobs, she spent all her time battling. Oftenly she collapsed from dehydration or exhaustion, but she didn't care. She wanted to be strong. Age seventeen she clambered out of her depression and joined a Pokemon research lab as a way to gain more information, as well as infiltrate ranks of all branches related to the facility. Twice she travelled to Jhoto to aid Bashou and Buson as her rank increased in the organisation. Age eighteen, a mission to capture Moltres backfired and Shayan received a permanently painful burn, Moltres haunting her mind.

Aged twenty, four years in Team Rocket, a disagreement with the boss had her quit her job and storm out, taking her Pokemon elsewhere and quitting school. She wanted a new start, buying a boat ticket to Hoenn, to a new land, and a place to find brand new, strong Pokemon. Within the first few weeks she came across a duo of Team Aqua members. Things quickly turned violent and both sides had to stride away, but Shayan never forgot the face of one of them, and she discovered the name of Team Magma. Since she had battled their chronic rivals, Team Aqua, Shay decided she hated them and joined up with Team Magma. She proved her worth and became a slightly revered member. This also meant she was despised by Team Aqua and was captured at least once, subjected to their ways of trying to persuade her to reveal Magma's location. She refused and kept her mouth shut, even after being beaten and tortured harshly.

Sadly Team Magma disbanded and she travelled back to Kanto, aged twenty-two - two years in Team Magma. With bubbling anger she rejoined Team Rocket, climbing back up the ranks through grovelling and earning it. She once again picked up dealing Slowpoke tails.

  • Shayan specialises in jobs that include physical challenges as well as jobs that need a quick mind and a colder heart. She has worked with Bashou and Buson many times, her hard, coldish nature fitting with their own. She does well at climbing and scaling heights just as well as she does at breaking and entering, facing off with people, and aiding with the stronger Pokemon captures. She has lead several missions with a professional ease and has no reservations about stepping in before the rest to do the job herself. Whereas the grunts may miss things, Shay tends to notice nearly everything and is known to never muck up. She also aided in finding out information on Mewtwo, but never went on any missions to face it.
  • Ironically, Shayan dislikes the taste of Slowpoke tail and only cares to deal in them for money.
  • The only Pokemon she cares for is her Houndoom. The rest are simple fighting machines she uses to advance.
  • The confrontation with Moltres has permanently scarred her left arm with horrible, unnatural burns. To the current day she vows to find and capture the legendary bird, to then be a full part of its time within imprisonment whatever it may entail, mainly hoping to cause it some pain as it has her. 
  • Her time in Team Magma broadened her knowledge on ancient Pokemon.
  • While in Team Magma, Shay claims it was a couple of the best years of her life, finding an enjoyment and interest in volcanoes, especially when they errupt.
  • Shayan, in Team Magma, tried to single-handedly sneak into Team Aqua's base to recover any valuable information. This plan was leaked, however, and Shay found herself in their grasp for two long, painful weeks. Even so, she refused to let any information be beaten out of her and managed to frustrate many of Aqua's members by her stubborn nature.
  • Rejoining Team Rocket, Shay had to work hard towards regaining her old job and was heavily jabbed at by the boss frequently, yet even so, she refused to back down and fought her way back to the top.
  • Working oftenly in a Pokemon research lab has aided her knowledge, which she passes on to Team Rocket. The workers at the lab have no idea she is simply an infiltrator.
  • Shayan frequently takes anything 'interesting' from the labs and has done for many years, mainly sedatives she uses on herself. The main sedatives she carries, however, are given to her as part of her job should she need to knock anybody out. These are human sedatives of different doses as opposed to completely random drugs from the labs.
  • Her work in Team Rocket is a full time job and she lives in an employee flat. The only time she isn't working is when she's asleep, never caring for a day off. Anything she wants to do she does during her work time, as everything she does want to do is work related anyway.

The Pokemon

Muk † [Deceased]
Main team: Houndoom. Mightyena. Tyranitar. Aggron. Steelix. Gengar.
Sneasel. Hydreigon. Gliscor. Sableye. Umbreon. Arbok. Ariados. Weezing. Crobat. Rhydon. Graveler. Typhlosion. Machoke. Zangoose. Escavalier.

  • Houndoom is her main Pokemon. Both her and the Houndoom train their bodies, going as far as subjecting Houndoom to harsh waters. Houndoom's body is muscular and very powerful, as well as being noticably larger than the common of his kin. 
  • Mightyena was caught as is rather than his pre-evolution. Shayan sent in her Houndoom to defeat the pack and everybody, including Shayan, sustained injuries. Yet in the end, Mightyena was caught. To the current day, Mightyena despises Houndoom and the pair constantly fight. Mightyena, however, likes Shayan.
  • Shayan caught Haunter while in Lavendir town tower after she laid Muk to rest. Haunter didn't put up much of a fight, wishing, oddly, to be captured.
  • Sneasel was never captured but instead bought. Shayan came across a homeless man sat with Sneasel. She told him he was cruel for making Sneasel sit hungry with him, using Sneasel to look pathetic and defeated, thus tempting more people to give money. After making the homeless man feel bad, Shayan offered to buy the Sneasel and the man walked away much richer.
  • Her Machoke started as Machop, who she stole off an abusive owner. The Machop's owner beat him up and made him feel bad, the Pokemon in a bad state phyically and mentally. Shayan approached the pair, got into a physical fight with the man, who she set Houndoom on shortly after, and simply took the Machop, who happily came along.